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Among Us

  1. 4. the act of which two killers team up and kill two players at the same time to prevent one from reporting the other dead body
  2. 8. When players must exile the killer
  3. 10. When a player must sabotage and kill everyone
  4. 11. The act of being suspicious
  5. 12. One of the three maps in Among Us
  6. 14. When a player must complete all tasks
  7. 15. the act of taking another player's life
  8. 17. When a player can still do tasks while ejected or dead
  1. 1. The act of telling other played of a player's death
  2. 2. When one hops into a vent to move big distances
  3. 3. The creators of Among Us
  4. 5. The act of blaming a player for another's death
  5. 6. Companions that one can equip
  6. 7. the act of killing, then reporting the body
  7. 9. One of the three maps in Among Us
  8. 13. The act of exiling a player
  9. 16. One of the three maps in Among Us