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Among Us

  1. 6. One of the engines, the north part of the Skeld
  2. 7. The place to fix the Reactor Sabotage, and simon says
  4. 12. Is always confused with light blue, It starts with a c and ends with a n
  5. 14. The room where you can track everyone and also card swipe
  6. 15. The action of reporting a body
  7. 16. Fill Engines, wires, and the place with no vent.
  8. 18. The action of killing, and then reporting the boy
  9. 19. A map based off Henry Stickmin where you are in the Toppat Airship
  10. 21. A map where you are in an Outpost
  11. 22. The bloodshed of the Skeld.
  12. 24. Either a witch, or mostly the impostor. Starts with p but is not pink
  13. 27. The person who needs to kill and sabotage to win.
  14. 29. A map where you are in your Headquarters.
  15. 30. You can submit scan and inspect samples
  16. 32. Master detective, Darker version of cyan.
  17. 34. You can check the cameras
  18. 35. Is always matched with something random, or made into a minion. Does nothing at all. Basically Orange minus Red
  19. 37. A map where you are in a spaceship
  20. 39. The people who have to do tasks, or vote out the impostor to win.
  1. 1. Can be matched with General or Soldier hat, Will be named something historic like a soldier in the german ww2 heer. The darker version of lime.
  2. 2. You have to connect the wires to the right color
  3. 3. The place where you do asteroids.
  4. 4. The room where you can call emergency meetings, Also the first part of garbage task.
  5. 5. Somehow calling him sus is racist, The darkest of all colors
  6. 8. Same as black, but hes just darker version of orange.
  7. 10. You can prime shields in this area.
  8. 11. A task in admin, Common task
  9. 13. You can do Chart Course, and Stabilize Steering, The front of the ship.
  10. 17. A task where you have to Download the Data,
  11. 20. The action of being suspicious
  12. 23. The most toxic, is colored like toxic waste. and is named after a fruit
  13. 25. One of the engines, the south part of the Skeld
  14. 26. The home of gamers, Most people use it to cheat and tell their friends who is the impostor. Starts with D, ends with D
  15. 28. The Sherlock Holmes Crewmate, is very smart, In halloween hes a pumpkin, most games hes just dressing up like a carrot.
  16. 31. The most sus color, most likely a noob and is always sussed to be impostor first
  17. 33. A meeting that can be called in Cafeteria, or Office in polus
  18. 36. The room where you Clean the oxygen filter and fix the oxygen
  19. 38. A master chef like gordon ramsay, or some person who everyone believes, A neutral color (As in all colors combined.) A light color