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  1. 2. a shorten version for saying someone might be imposter
  2. 3. don't be stupid or you go to lava
  3. 4. goal is to do tasks and find imposter
  4. 6. map where you go to space
  5. 7. you can be ejected if you are not careful
  6. 9. creators of the this Among us
  7. 10. you can wear this before game starts
  1. 1. goal is to kill and sabotage
  2. 2. makes crewmates panic and needs to be fix
  3. 3. if equipped, it can follow you throughout the round
  4. 5. this visual task is popular for being safe as a crewmate
  5. 7. map where you are in the blue sky
  6. 8. crewmates must finish to win