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Among Us Quiz

  1. 3. What is the original map?
  2. 5. What is the only map that is not in space?
  3. 7. What was the game originaly called?
  4. 8. What is the only map that is on a planet?
  5. 9. How many buttons do crewmates have(the report and other buttons)?
  6. 10. What color is always sus?
  7. 12. What is the innocent called in among us?
  1. 1. Who do the characters look like?
  2. 2. What are the missions called in among us?
  3. 4. How many buttons do impostors have(the report and other buttons)
  4. 6. What is the killer called in among us?
  5. 11. What are the NPC called iin freeplay mode?