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Ancient Egypt and Nubia

  1. 2. Buying and selling of goods and services
  2. 4. Study of the structure of the body and it’s organs
  3. 5. One of the world’s first alphabets invented in Ancient Nubia
  4. 7. Statue or other free-standing piece of art made of clay, stone, or other material
  5. 8. Symbol that stands for a word, idea, or sound
  6. 9. King of ancient Egypt
  7. 10. A series of rulers from the same family
  8. 13. System of many government officials who carry out government rules and regulations
  9. 15. Hard white material made from elephant tusks
  1. 1. A body that has been preserved so it will not decompose
  2. 2. group of rocky rapids
  3. 3. A flat plain formed on the seabed where a river deposits material over many years
  4. 6. Dependence by each country or group on the other
  5. 11. A writing surface similar to paper named after the papyrus reed that grew along the Nile river in ancient Egypt
  6. 12. Black wood from west africa
  7. 14. Skilled worker who practices a handicraft