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Ancient Egypt - Life, Death and the Afterlife

  1. 3. A huge tomb built during the early years of the ancient Egyptian civilisation
  2. 5. Hatshepsut wore a false _____ to emphasise her power as pharaoh.
  3. 6. The whip-like object seen as a symbol of the pharaoh’s power
  4. 7. The pharaoh was often depicted with a shepherd’s ______ to show his care for his people.
  5. 8. The name given to an ancient Egyptian god-king
  6. 12. Another word for “god” or “goddess”
  7. 13. The ancient Egyptians wanted to ______ bodies so that they could later be reunited with their spirits.
  1. 1. A person or official who was educated in writing Egyptian hieroglyphics
  2. 2. Another word for social structure
  3. 4. The fertile soil deposited by the flooding Nile River
  4. 6. An easier word for “inundation”
  5. 8. An ancient Egyptian form of paper
  6. 9. The jackal-headed god of death and mummification
  7. 10. A king or queen who rules for many years has a long _____.
  8. 11. The ancient Egyptians viewed the afterlife as a Field of _____ where there would be no pain and suffering,but work would still be necessary.
  9. 14. The Egyptians had not one but _____ gods.