1. 2. animal that have a hump as a place for reserve food.
  2. 3. grass-eating animals that have horns and are often made for satay.
  3. 4. aquatic animals that have scales and breathe using gills.
  4. 6. insects that can produce honey.
  5. 7. slow-moving animals and have a shell that protects them.
  6. 11. a group of legless and long-bodied reptiles.
  7. 14. insect that are green and move by jumping.
  8. 15. an insect type animal that can make webs
  9. 17. an animal that has a angled beak and webbed feet.
  10. 19. an animal that has one or two horns on the middle of the forehead.
  1. 1. insect that have many legs and are poisonous.
  2. 5. an animal used to attract wagons.
  3. 8. brown animals, have legs that stick together for climbing, and can break their tails to escape predators.
  4. 9. insect that like sugar.
  5. 10. a wild animal that has sharp teeth, sharp claws, and has striped skin.
  6. 12. animal that appear at night and have the ability to echolocate
  7. 13. animal that like to eat bananas.
  8. 15. an animal that can secrete a black liquid to trick its enemies.
  9. 16. an animal that has tusks and a trunk.
  10. 18. a barking animal.