1. 4. have no legs
  2. 6. an animal with a horn in its head
  3. 9. has the tusks and the trunks
  4. 12. four legs creatures that jump and eat grass
  5. 13. yowling animal
  6. 14. four legs with a loud voice
  7. 15. animal who has a membrane on its foot and likes to quacking
  8. 18. this animal can live on land and in water and have sharp rows of teeth and a long tail
  9. 19. animal with striped skin that roar
  10. 20. grass fed animal with very long neck
  1. 1. a small fish eating bird with a long neck
  2. 2. has horns and can run fast
  3. 3. likes to eat rice in rice paddies
  4. 5. an animal that jumps in the road and has a pouch in its stomach
  5. 7. a desert animal with a hump on its back
  6. 8. before it blooms and butterflies, the butterfly’s egg will hatch into a caterpillar
  7. 10. animals that creep in the walls and like to eat mosquitoes
  8. 11. one of the animals has a shell in his body
  9. 16. crowing animals
  10. 17. an animal with black and white stripes on it