1. 2. This animal looks like a horse. It's black and white.
  2. 4. Marina is afraid of this animal.
  3. 6. This animal lives in the sea and it's dangerous for people. This animal has a big mouth and big teeth.
  4. 9. This animal has big ears and a long nose
  5. 12. This animal is the king of all animals.
  6. 13. This animal is very very fast. And it's big.
  7. 15. There is a very famous food, made of this animal.
  8. 16. This animal is fast, but it's not a big animal. This animal likes carrots.
  9. 17. This animal is very small. Cats eat this animal.
  1. 1. This animal does not have legs. It can be dangerous for people.
  2. 3. This animal can fly and lives on trees.
  3. 5. This animal has a very long neck.
  4. 7. Seojeon can ride this animal.
  5. 8. This animal likes to eat mice.
  6. 10. This animal is very slow. Usually, this animal is green or brown.
  7. 11. This animal eats grass and gives milk.
  8. 12. This animal is one of Seojeon's favorite animals.
  9. 14. This animal lives in the sea and it has many legs.
  10. 17. This animal is very funny, likes to eat bananas and can climb on trees.