1. 1. It's fur can make carpets and clothes, the boys have two horns.
  2. 4. Are like a castor, eats fish.
  3. 7. It’s fat, It’s usually pink.
  4. 8. It has soft red fur and soft ears, It’s also a mammal.
  5. 10. It has black and brown spots. It runs very fast. Pig, It’s fat, It’s usually pink.
  6. 11. An animal which lives in or near water and has a thick shell covering its body into which it can move its head and legs for protection.
  7. 12. It can be white and has long ears.
  8. 16. It has sharp teeth, it’s from the cat family.
  9. 17. It has a cockscomb, It shouts in the morning.
  10. 18. It has rough skin, It has sharp teeth.they live near rivers so they eat the animal that drinks water in the river.
  1. 2. It has shoes on its feet, It’s a mammal.
  2. 3. It’s a kind of pet, it can help blind people walk.
  3. 5. It has a big horn on its head, It’s a mammal.
  4. 6. It lives in Australia, it has a baby bag in front of it.
  5. 9. It is an insect. It has a hard shell with wings underneath.
  6. 11. It has a big brightly coloured beak. It's a kind of bird.
  7. 13. It has soft fur,It likes to eat salmon roe.
  8. 14. It has a soft body, it walks slowly so it has a hard shell to protect it.
  9. 15. It lives near water. It has a yellow mouth and webbed feet.
  10. 17. It lives in North America, it’s a kind of has a tail that has a lot of fur on it. It's fur is gray or black.