1. 5. A highly intelligent marine creature with eight arms and the ability to change color.
  2. 6. A unique bird found in the Antarctic and Arctic regions, known for its inability to fly but adept at swimming.
  3. 7. A marine mammal with flippers, a streamlined body, and the ability to swim and dive underwater.
  4. 8. A large predatory fish with a streamlined body, sharp teeth, and a reputation as a fierce ocean predator.
  5. 13. A marsupial mammal native to Australia, known for its powerful hind legs and its pouch for carrying young.
  6. 14. A majestic and powerful big cat known as the "king of the jungle."
  7. 16. A small arboreal marsupial native to Australia, known for its eucalyptus leaf diet and cuddly appearance.
  8. 18. A small carnivorous mammal with a bushy tail and a reputation for its cunning behavior.
  9. 19. A large and fast-running feline, known for its incredible speed and agility.
  10. 21. A large and impressive mammal with a long trunk and tusks, found in Africa and Asia.
  11. 25. A large reptile with a scaly body, powerful jaws, and a long tail, commonly found in rivers and swamps.
  12. 27. A large herbivorous mammal with distinctive black and white stripes, typically found in grassy plains.
  13. 28. A reptile with a protective shell that it can retreat into, often found in both land and water environments.
  14. 29. The largest of the apes, known for its strength, intelligence, and gentle nature.
  1. 1. A large and powerful mammal used for riding, racing, and other forms of work.
  2. 2. A graceful herbivorous mammal with antlers, often found in forests and meadows.
  3. 3. An intelligent and social marine mammal that is known for its swimming abilities.
  4. 4. An insect known for its delicate and colorful wings, which undergoes a transformation from a caterpillar.
  5. 9. A large herbivorous mammal with a thick protective skin and one or two horns on its snout.
  6. 10. A small mammal with long ears and soft fur, often kept as a pet or found in the wild.
  7. 11. A playful and curious animal known for its climbing skills, often found in tropical forests.
  8. 12. A tall animal with a long neck that gracefully feeds on leaves from high trees.
  9. 15. A majestic bird of prey known for its sharp vision, powerful wings, and soaring flight.
  10. 17. A strong and furry mammal known for its hibernation during the winter months.
  11. 20. A long, legless reptile with a slender body and the ability to slither and coil.
  12. 22. A domesticated mammal known for its loyalty and friendly nature.
  13. 23. A beautiful big cat with a striking coat of black stripes and orange fur.
  14. 24. An independent and sometimes finicky animal commonly kept as a pet.
  15. 26. A nocturnal bird with large eyes, known for its silent flight and distinct hooting sound.