1. 3. This animal has a long trunk and is the largest land animal.
  2. 4. This animal is native to Australia and eats eucalyptus leaves.
  3. 5. This animal is big and furry and loves to eat honey.
  4. 8. This reptile has a long snout and lives in water.
  5. 10. This animal is often ridden and can run very fast.
  6. 11. This bird cannot fly but is an excellent swimmer.
  7. 12. This fish is known for its sharp teeth and lives in the ocean.
  8. 14. This loyal pet is often referred to as man's best friend.
  9. 19. This animal loves to swing from trees and is very playful.
  10. 20. This intelligent mammal is known for its playful behavior.
  1. 1. This big cat has orange fur with black stripes.
  2. 2. This insect goes through a transformation from a caterpillar to a ___________.
  3. 6. This animal is known as the king of the jungle.
  4. 7. This animal has black and white stripes.
  5. 9. This sea creature has eight tentacles and lives in the ocean.
  6. 13. This animal carries its baby in a pouch on its belly.
  7. 15. This animal has a long neck and spots on its body.
  8. 16. This small animal is known for its long ears and hopping.
  9. 17. This bird is known for being wise and hunting at night.
  10. 18. This black and white bear is native to China.