1. 3. Dolphins are smart and playful marine animals that live in the ocean. They are known for their acrobatic jumps and clicks.
  2. 6. Octopuses are intelligent and flexible creatures that live in the ocean. They have eight arms and can change color to camouflage.
  3. 8. Horses are strong and gentle animals that have been used by humans for transportation and work for centuries. They can run fast and jump high.
  4. 10. Lions are powerful and majestic animals known as the kings of the jungle. They have a golden mane and are skilled hunters.
  5. 11. Giraffes are tall and graceful animals with long necks and spots on their fur. They use their long necks to reach leaves on trees.
  6. 13. Ducks are water birds that can swim and fly. They have webbed feet and a flat bill, and they quack to communicate.
  7. 15. Kangaroos are hopping marsupials that live in Australia. They have strong hind legs and a pouch where they carry their young.
  8. 16. Gorillas are large and powerful primates that live in forests. They have strong arms and are known for their chest-beating displays.
  9. 17. Cats are independent and curious creatures that make great companions. They have soft fur and can be playful and affectionate.
  10. 18. Squirrels are small and agile rodents that live in trees. They have bushy tails and collect nuts and seeds for food.
  1. 1. Monkeys are agile and intelligent animals that live in trees. They have long tails that they use for balance and swinging.
  2. 2. Tigers are strong and stealthy animals with beautiful stripes on their fur. They are excellent hunters and can run very fast.
  3. 4. Penguins are cute and waddling birds that live in cold regions. They have a black and white plumage and swim gracefully.
  4. 5. Butterflies are delicate and colorful insects that go through a transformation called metamorphosis. They have beautiful wings and can fly.
  5. 6. Owls are nocturnal birds with the ability to turn their heads almost all the way around. They have keen eyesight and are silent flyers.
  6. 7. Sharks are powerful and swift predators that live in the ocean. They have sharp teeth and can sense their prey from far away.
  7. 9. Elephants are large and gentle animals that live in herds. They have long trunks and big ears, and they use their trunks to eat and drink.
  8. 12. Pandas are cute and cuddly bears native to China. They have black and white fur and primarily eat bamboo.
  9. 13. Dogs are loyal and friendly animals that are often kept as pets. They have fur and wag their tails when they're happy.
  10. 14. Snakes are slithering reptiles that come in various shapes and sizes. They move by sliding their bodies and some of them are venomous.