1. 3. it has long ears, and walks by hopping
  2. 5. it usually found in sewers, furry and small body
  3. 10. Large marsupial, can jump far
  4. 12. it has dark mouthparts, it has black and white colors
  5. 13. sharp hearing, can turn his neck and can fly
  6. 16. farm animals, which are pink and has a snout
  7. 17. they can make over 40 different sounds and has a pointed ears
  8. 18. animals that can sleep 20 hours a day, has thick and soft hair
  9. 19. being in the water and can swim
  10. 20. it really like bananas and it has tail and moving from one tree to another
  11. 21. has a claws and has a hard shell and has 5 pairs of legs
  12. 24. has very sharp eyesight and have wing
  13. 25. it can run fast and it has black dots on its body
  1. 1. Likes to chase mice, cute animal and usually have thick fur
  2. 2. They spend a lot of their day eating, have dark circles around the eyes
  3. 4. big body and produces milk, the meat can be eaten
  4. 6. Has a trunk, has big bodied and has wide ears
  5. 7. has a long neck and legs, has a brown color and white lines
  6. 8. Flying mammal, alive at night and can fly
  7. 9. Very intelligent animal and live in the sea
  8. 11. Man's best friend, usually barks and great sense of smell
  9. 14. they can roar together and they have sharp nails
  10. 15. has long neck, legs and beautiful body color
  11. 22. it wild animal, it has large body and has claws
  12. 23. it has long neck and reproduce by laying eggs and usually in lakes