1. 3. Marsupial known for its ability to hop and carry its young in a pouch.
  2. 9. Tall mammal with a long neck and distinct patches of brown spots, typically found in open savannas.
  3. 11. Nocturnal bird of prey recognized for its hooting sound and keen vision.
  4. 12. Bear Bear species found in Arctic regions, equipped with a thick coat for warmth and hunting skills.
  5. 13. Large mammal with a horn on its snout, known for its thick skin and powerful build.
  6. 14. Strong and fast ungulate often used for riding, racing, and farm work.
  7. 16. Majestic creature with a golden mane that roams in prairies and hunts in packs.
  8. 18. Flightless bird often found in icy habitats, recognized for its distinctive black and white feathers.
  9. 19. Powerful mammal that hibernates in winter and can be found in various habitats around the world.
  10. 20. Fast and agile feline recognized for its speed and spotted coat.
  1. 1. Massive mammal that spends a lot of time in water and is known for its large mouth and teeth.
  2. 2. Agile and playful primate known for its tree-swinging antics and intelligence.
  3. 4. Intelligent sea creature with eight tentacles, known for changing color and squirting ink.
  4. 5. Striped feline known for its powerful build and ability to camouflage in forests.
  5. 6. Small marsupial known for its cuddly appearance and love for eucalyptus leaves.
  6. 7. Large reptile with a long, powerful jaw and armored skin, often found near water bodies.
  7. 8. Intelligent marine mammal that swims gracefully and communicates with high-pitched sounds.
  8. 10. Striped equine with a unique black and white pattern, typically seen in groups in grassy plains.
  9. 15. Gigantic and gentle mammal known for its trunk and large ears, often found in herds.
  10. 17. Slithering reptile with no legs, found in various habitats and sizes.