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  1. 3. Large long-necked animal used for riding or carrying goods in desert countries
  2. 6. A swimming fish-eating animal with beautiful brown fur
  3. 7. A very large strong meat-eating bird with a hooked beak and very good eyesight
  4. 9. Large white bird, similar to a duck but bigger and with a long neck which lives on rivers and lakes
  5. 11. A long-legged spotted African animal of the cat family and able to run very fast
  6. 12. Tall tropical water bird with long thin legs, pink and red feathers
  7. 13. A large bird, rather like a large chicken, kept on farms for its meat which is eaten
  8. 14. A large brightly-coloured insect with a long thin body and a large thin wings
  9. 16. A water and land animal of the rat family with a broad fat tail and valuable fur
  1. 1. A bird that is similar to a duck but larger and makes a hissing or honking noise
  2. 2. An extremely large animal which lives in the sea and looks like a fish but is a mamal
  3. 4. An Australian tree-climbing animal like a small bear with no tail
  4. 5. A large lizard of tropical America
  5. 8. Whose blood changes temperature according to the temperature areound it
  6. 10. An Australian animal which jumps and carries its young in a pouch
  7. 11. A large reptile that lives on land and water. It has long hard-skinned body and a long mouth with many teeth
  8. 15. Small thin creature with no bones or limbs , like a round tube of flesh
  9. 17. A small insect living on the ground in large social groups and famous for hard work