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Animal Adaptations

  1. 4. A place in nature which determines a relation between two organisms.
  2. 9. The environment is a huge space for plants,animals and humans to live in.
  3. 11. Adaptations When an animal changes its behavior due to its surroundings.
  4. 13. The natural home of an animal or plant.
  5. 16. Adaptations When an animal changes to fit its environment.
  6. 18. The animals of a particular place or habitat.
  7. 20. An animal hunted for food by another animal.
  8. 21. The process of an animal or plant to adapt or change over time.
  9. 22. When an animal sleeps all day and comes out at night like an owl.
  10. 23. The organ of aquatic animals that they use to breathe.
  11. 24. At risk of complete extinction.
  12. 26. The native fauna of a region.
  13. 28. An area in which few forms of life exist because of a lack of water.
  14. 31. To gradually adapt or change.
  1. 1. A stretch of land with regard to its psychical features.
  2. 2. Tundra is a treeless Arctic region in which the subsoil is frozen permanently.
  3. 3. A large community of flowers and animals.
  4. 5. Something related to water.
  5. 6. The plants of a particular place or habitat.
  6. 7. When an animal goes from one stage to another during a lifetime.
  7. 8. The study of living organisms.
  8. 10. When and animal or plant is at zero population mainly because of habitat loss.
  9. 12. The process of changing to fit a new environment.
  10. 14. Darwin Charles Darwin was a former naturalist that discovered new plants.
  11. 15. A huge open space for all different thing for a E.G humans,plants and animals.
  12. 17. When something or someone is disguised as the environment around them.
  13. 19. The material that rhinos horns are made of.
  14. 25. An invertebrate animal such as a spider or crustacean.
  15. 27. A large area covered with trees and plants.
  16. 29. Ivory is a hard material from the tusks of elephants an other animals.
  17. 30. A stream of water leading to an ocean