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Animal Farm

  1. 3. the farm that is owned by Mr Pilkington. It's a neglected farm, a part of which is sold to Napoleon.
  2. 6. A cyncical old Donkey who continually undercuts the animals' enthusiasm with his cryptic remark 'Donkeys live a long time'. He can read well too.
  3. 8. the last name of the farmer that originally occupy Manor Farm. He flees the farm when the animals rebel.
  4. 11. Old Major’s philosophy was eventually given this term.
  5. 12. the owner of Foxwood, a neighbouring and neglected farm. He eventually sells some of his land to Napoleon and, in the final scene, toasts to Napoleon's success.
  6. 13. the father of the 9 puppies that are taken by Napoleon and raised as guard dogs.
  7. 15. a dog on the farm that is with Bluebell and Jessie.
  8. 16. the mouthpiece for Napoleon. He manipulates the animals and has them questioning their own memory.
  9. 17. the mother of the 9 puppies that are taken by Napoleon and raised as guard dogs.
  10. 19. Candy Mountain the paradise that Moses talks of.
  11. 20. the rules that were painted on the barn
  12. 21. A motherly horse who silently questions Napoleon's decisions. She helps Boxer after his collapse.
  13. 22. A tame raven and sometimes pet of Mr Jones who tells the animals stories about a paradise called Sugarcandy Mountain.
  1. 1. a pig who helps to lead the rebellion against Jones. He begins to controls all aspects of the farm until he is the undisputed tyrant (ruler).
  2. 2. he is the dimwitted but dedicated horse who works himself to almost death for the building of the windmill.
  3. 4. a pig who becomes the rebellion's most valuable leaders. He is eventually chased off the farm by Napoleon's dogs and thereafter used as a scapegoat for the animals' troubles.
  4. 5. This character was an old boar who gave a long speech about the evils committed by humans which inspires the animals to rebellion. He never gets to see what becomes of the farm due to his untimely death.
  5. 7. a solicitor hired by Napoleon to act as a negotiator in Animal Farms's trading with neighbouring farms.
  6. 9. the 'hospital' that Napoleon sent Boxer when he fell with exhaustion.
  7. 10. the structure that was built then fell, then built again, largely through the efforts of Boxer.
  8. 14. an enemy of Pilkington and owner of Pinchfield. He drives hard bargains and swindles Napoleon by buying using fake money. He later tries to attack and seize Animal Farm but is defeated.
  9. 18. a vain horse who prefers ribbons and sugar over ideas and rebellion. She is eventually lured off the farm with promises of a comfortable life.