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Animal Farm. Chapters 1 - 5.

  1. 2. What was thrown onto the fire alongside the whips and other items from the harness-room?
  2. 4. Which word is spelled incorrectly in the seven commandments?
  3. 5. What is the name of the pub that Mr Jones frequents?
  4. 6. Who used to read from scraps of newspaper found in the rubbish?
  5. 12. What is Old Major's full name?
  6. 14. The animals elaborated Old Major's teachings into a complete system of thought. What was it called?
  7. 17. Who does Clover protect with her leg in the barn?
  8. 18. What do the stories of SugarCandy Mountain represent?
  9. 19. What term of address do the animals use for each other?
  10. 20. What does Snowball organise, of which The Clean Tails League is an example?
  11. 24. What do the pigs take from the animals in order to "preserve health"?
  12. 28. How old is Old Major?
  13. 29. What colour is the animal's flag?
  1. 1. Who's campaigns had Snowball studied in preparation for The Battle of the Cowshed?
  2. 3. Who wrote the seven commandments on the wall?
  3. 6. What was the farm's name before it was changed to Animal Farm?
  4. 7. Who was "generally recognized as being the cleverest of the animals"?
  5. 8. "All animals are (...)"
  6. 9. What is the raven's name?
  7. 10. Who is the owner of Foxwood farm?
  8. 11. "With the worthless (...) human being gone, there was more for everyone to eat".
  9. 13. What is the name of the song that Old Major taught the animals? (...) Of England.
  10. 15. Who do the animals blame their suffering on?
  11. 16. Who refused to learn any but the letters which spell out their name?
  12. 21. Old Major says "Our lives are (...), laborious and short"
  13. 22. "Whatever goes upon two legs is an (...)"
  14. 23. "The others said of (...) that he could turn black into white".
  15. 25. What is the name of "the rather fierce looking Berkshire boar"?
  16. 26. Who is the owner of Pinchfield farm?
  17. 27. Who adopted the personal motto "I will work harder!"