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Animal Farm Crossord Puzzle

  1. 2. An animal never seen to do any work or participate in any of the politics, but is forgiven because of her “good intentions.”
  2. 6. the unnamed offspring of the two dogs that were taken at birth to become Napoleons security detail.
  3. 7. A friendly old goat who is also one of the few animals that can read on the farm.
  4. 9. The original leader of Animal Farm after the overthrow of Mr. Jones, as well as the rival of Napoleon.
  5. 10. The tough, yet gullible work-horse that always pushes himself to work harder.
  6. 11. Owner of the neighboring Foxwood farm and party guest at the end of the book.
  7. 14. Four young pigs that were seen to be traitors to Napoleon and were killed for their crimes.
  8. 15. A crow that spoke of Sugarcandy Mountain, a land above the clouds that is the resting place of poor animals.
  9. 16. A vain, young female horse who leaves soon after the revolution to work on another farm.
  10. 17. The original, and often times drunk owner of Manor Farm.
  11. 18. The rules of Animal Farm which are gradually changed over the course of the book.
  12. 20. A foil horse to that of Mollie, who cared about everyone except herself.
  1. 1. A small, fat pig who becomes Napoleon’s second-in-command after the overthrow of Snowball.
  2. 3. Farm The new name of the Manor Farm after the overthrow of Mr. Jones.
  3. 4. The theme song for the animal uprising on Manor Farm.
  4. 5. An old, reluctant mule, and one of the few animals on the farm that can read.
  5. 8. the unnamed multitudes that are assumed to be the offspring of Napoleon.
  6. 12. A neighboring farmer who is a leader of the attempt to return the farm to Mr.Jones.
  7. 13. These were some of the first animals to rebel against Napoleon as they were promised their eggs would be left untouched.
  8. 19. Orwell The author of this timeless tale.