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Animal Farm Crossword (Ch. 1-4)

  1. 2. The name of the "old-fashioned farm, much overgrown by woodland".
  2. 3. The farm as it is now called by all the animals.
  3. 6. The "smaller and better kept" farm.
  4. 8. Prefers the life with Mr. Jones where she can wear ribbons and eat sugar cubes.
  5. 9. Whose campaigns dis Snowball study to prepare for a battle with the humans?
  6. 10. Human who was first in charge of Manor Farm.
  7. 11. What song is the anthem of the animals?
  8. 12. The number of farms connected to Animal Farm.
  9. 13. Another farmer, who is described as "a tough, shrewd man".
  10. 15. Rules outlining how the animals should live their lives.
  11. 19. The two abilities the pigs possess that lead them to believe they are above all other animals.
  12. 20. The location of the farm.
  13. 21. Respected by all for his great strength and admirable character.
  14. 22. Tells Boxer to feel no shame or remorse for killing a human during the clash with Jones and his men.
  15. 24. The created belief system based on Old Major's teachings.
  16. 26. Bar where Mr. Jones spent most of his time.
  17. 27. The month in which the "Battle of the Cowshed" took place.
  1. 1. Which pig took the 9 puppies to be "responsible for their education"?
  2. 3. Honor bestowed upon the dead sheep after the battle.
  3. 4. One of the food items reserved for the pigs only.
  4. 5. The pig who remembered the words to "Beasts of England" in a dream.
  5. 6. An easy going farmer who preferred fishing or hunting.
  6. 7. Napoleon's general reference to all animals.
  7. 14. Author of "Animal Farm".
  8. 16. Original name for the farm.
  9. 17. Argued that the pigs must take the apples and milk to maintain their strength.
  10. 18. In what month did the Rebellion occur?
  11. 23. Described as "the oldest animal on the farm, and the worst tempered".
  12. 25. Who shares tales of Sugarcandy Mountain?
  13. 28. The matronly horse who looks out for the ducklings during the first meeting.