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Animal Farm Crossword Puzzle

  1. 3. How did the pigs walk near the end of the book?
  2. 8. The money the pigs got from selling out Boxer was used buy what?
  3. 10. Moses told tales of animals going to __________ Mountain when they die.
  4. 11. Who was blamed for blowing up the windmill?
  5. 12. "Four legs good! Two legs bad!" was changed to "Four legs good! Two legs ______!"
  6. 13. True or False. Did Fredrick kill himself in the story?
  7. 18. Who led the attack on Animal Farm?
  8. 20. What species chased Snowball out of the farm?
  9. 21. What represented Communism in the book?
  10. 23. Who controlled Animal Farm?
  11. 24. What did the pigs get half a gallon of every day?
  1. 1. Who left the farm because she was unhappy with the conditions?
  2. 2. According to Old Major, what was the one animal that consumes without producing?
  3. 4. Who did Snowball represent?
  4. 5. What species was of highest authority on Animal Farm?
  5. 6. There are _______ commandments on Animal Farm.
  6. 7. Song that represented the Rebellion of the Animals.
  7. 9. Who did Fredrick represent?
  8. 12. Who always said "I will work harder" and "Napoleon is always right"?
  9. 14. Who really blew up the windmill?
  10. 15. How many humans died in the Battle of the Windmill?
  11. 16. Who gave false propaganda to the animals?
  12. 17. The top priority on the farm was to complete the ________.
  13. 19. Before and after the Animalist times, Animal farm was called _____ Farm.
  14. 22. Old ___ founded Animalism.