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Animal Farm Review

  1. 2. the character who cared about her appearance
  2. 4. the symbol of the success and failure of both Napoleon and Animal Farm
  3. 6. created the motto "Two legs good, four legs bad"
  4. 8. the wisest animal on the farm due to being the one who never dies
  5. 11. the character who was strong and followed the lead of others
  6. 12. the character who acted as the mediator between Napoleon and the other animals
  7. 13. a neighboring farmer with whom Napoleon was friendly
  8. 15. the character who was always drinking and was evicted from his farm
  1. 1. convinced the animals that "All men are enemies. All animals are comrades."
  2. 3. the security of Animal Farm
  3. 5. the character who is always confused about the commandments
  4. 7. the character who uncontrollably took over the farm
  5. 9. what happened to the animals who betrayed Napoleon
  6. 10. the character that Napoleon uses to convince the humans that everything is great on Animal Farm
  7. 14. the animals easily persuaded to help Snowball try to kill Napoleon