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Animal Farm Study Guide

  1. 5. On any account Mollie could she'd get out of work, with an excuse
  2. 8. The husks of corn the animals had to eat
  3. 11. Snowball's illegal involvements
  4. 13. An educated and intelligent way that the pigs addressed themselves as
  5. 16. Mollie walking at a fast paste
  6. 18. The flag holder that had been blown down in the storm
  7. 19. A beet the animals ate
  8. 20. Relating the human beings to parasites
  9. 25. The way Snowball talked so persuasively towards the animals
  10. 26. The right angles of the built walls of the half-way built mill
  11. 29. A resentful master, referring to Mr. Jones
  12. 31. The cruelty of the human beings towards the animals
  13. 32. The hens surrending so they could go back to their nests
  14. 34. The animals coming back to fight in a disgraceful way
  15. 35. Harsh labour that the animals had to deal with
  16. 36. More important than the normal pigs, the two young boars
  17. 38. A mysterious answer to something, like the Donkey's answers to questions about the rebellion
  1. 1. The pigs' "Good Sleep", as they called it
  2. 2. A person who trades old animals
  3. 3. The state/feeling of being opposed or hostile towards someone/something
  4. 4. The long, constant, time consuming process of work the animals did
  5. 5. A person who looked like he/she owned the farm
  6. 6. A small room that Mr. Jones gets his beer from
  7. 7. A disease the hens died from
  8. 9. The two groups the animals formed themselves into
  9. 10. The old stubborn donkey's ways of working
  10. 12. Unmistakably/Understood
  11. 14. The explanation of Animalism to the other animals
  12. 15. The way the animals were in shock, unable to think properly
  13. 17. An unchangeable law that all of the Animals on the farm had to live by
  14. 21. Good land that the animals didn't have to attend to
  15. 22. The land the animals would have, once retired
  16. 23. Napoleon starting something in an unqualified manor
  17. 24. The four animals that didn't agree with Old Major's question "Are rats comrades?"
  18. 26. After death of the sheep
  19. 27. The animals' song that could not be stopped
  20. 28. A small area of trees and bushes on the farm
  21. 30. Killing a child/animal within a year old
  22. 32. The pigs' guilty facial expressions
  23. 33. Old Major's old skull that had been discovered
  24. 37. Snowball's evil doings on the farm