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Animal Farm

  1. 4. None of the other_______on the farm could get further than A.
  2. 7. The pigs are very intelligent and in _____.
  3. 8. Knew the entire alphabet, but couldn't put words together.
  4. 10. They had the biggest______the farm had ever seen, even without Farmer Jones.
  5. 11. entry into the Animal Farm community initiates contact between Animal Farm and human society, alarming the common animals.
  6. 13. "_______ ___ _______" was a song for the rebellion, and Minimus' new song signified that the rebellion was over and Napoleon was in charge.
  7. 16. Can read and write as well as any pig, but never does.
  8. 18. He always demanded things of people and believed in a communistic society, but he never pulled his weight.
  9. 20. Napoleon said only pigs can make ______, no voting.
  10. 21. All the pigs now walk on ___ legs, and the sheep bleat "four legs good, two legs better!"
  11. 22. Who called the meeting to tell about his dream and revolution and how bad humans are, he thinks he'll die soon?
  12. 24. The pigs held____ that contributed to the ideas of Animalism, and taught the other animals of the new philosophy.
  1. 1. Boxer was strong and ______.
  2. 2. Their first celebration was to make sure there were no____anywhere on the farm.
  3. 3. Could not get beyond the letter D, or when he learned E,F,G,H, he forgot A,B,C,D.
  4. 5. Rhetoric, he was very persuasive.
  5. 6. Squealer spreads Napoleon's_______among the other animals.
  6. 9. After_____comes home drunk and passes out, forgetting to feed them, all the animals break into the storehouses.
  7. 12. He praises the pigs for making peace with the other farmers.
  8. 14. Napoloen said that ______ wants to attack Animal Farm, and they "found the letters between Mr. Jones and Snowball."
  9. 15. Napoloen thought the ______ would be good for food, but still wanted the animals to work every day.
  10. 17. The____laid their eggs on a roof so that they would roll off and break.
  11. 19. The___learn the song quickly, they are the smartest.
  12. 23. What is the name of the farmer who owned Manor Farm?
  13. 24. Refused to learn any letters other than those of her name.