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Animal Farm

  1. 1. Jones Who was the original owner of the farm?
  2. 2. the Barn Wall Where was the quote "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. " displayed?
  3. 3. Farm What was the name of the farm before they changed it?
  4. 6. What was one thing the farm could not produce on it's own?
  5. 7. Who taught the animals to read?
  6. 10. Who refused to follow the rule "No animal shall wear clothes?"
  7. 11. Whats a name of another neighboring farm?
  1. 1. Who was the one who wanted to start the revolt?
  2. 3. Who said "No animals shall sleep in a bed with sheets" ?
  3. 4. Who said the quote " I will work harder, Napoleon is always right."?
  4. 5. of England What have the animals been singing from the beginning of the book?
  5. 8. Who wanted to kill Snowball?
  6. 9. Birds What was the fault in the statement, "Four legs good, two legs bad?"