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Animal Farm

  1. 2. she is an old horse and a close friend of Boxer
  2. 7. the president of Animal Farm
  3. 9. the old owner of Manor Farm
  4. 10. the human Napoleon hires to represent Animal Farm with the human society
  5. 12. the owner of Pinchfield Farm
  6. 13. she was the poet of Animal Farm
  7. 14. he is the oldest animal on the farm and won’t read for anyone
  8. 16. it was destroyed twice and took over two years to complete
  9. 17. he told stories about Sugarcandy Island
  10. 18. they rebelled against Napoleon
  1. 1. she left the farm for an easy life
  2. 3. it was said by the animals that he could black into white
  3. 4. he told the animals a rebellion was coming
  4. 5. his motto is "I will work harder"
  5. 6. a philosophy of all of the animals being treated equal
  6. 8. he was chased out of the farm by dogs
  7. 11. the owner of Foxwood Farm
  8. 15. they had their motto changed by the pigs