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Animal Farm

  1. 1. the human that Napoleon gets into a fight with at the end over an Ace of Spades
  2. 5. the character who used the propaganda appeals to fear the most throughout the book
  3. 7. one guy who tried to seize Russia after Lenin
  4. 8. the first animal to see the pigs walk on their hind legs
  5. 10. the room the pigs had as a head-quarter for themselves (hyphened word)
  6. 12. Orwell uses this to ___ the authoritarian governments and how they never reach for outside help because it would show weakness in government
  7. 18. a negative rumor about the farm was that they practiced ______
  8. 20. the purpose of the maxim is the esential principle of ___
  9. 21. one reason why Orwell wrote Animal Farm because of a hatred for
  10. 23. Farm the other name for Animal Farm (two words)
  11. 25. many of the pigs especially Squealer and Napoleon do this in order to make the rest of the animals in order to play with their brains
  12. 27. the animsals that warned that Jones and his men were coming back to take the farm
  13. 30. the character that always asked irrelevant questions
  1. 2. all the animals except the pigs were at a disadvantage because they were all ____ before they were taught to do what the pigs had already taught themselves to do (read and write)
  2. 3. Napoleon's persona has been built up, too much a common mistake in ______ government
  3. 4. Marx Father of Communism
  4. 6. Political Novelist: how one can describe what Orwell does (three words)
  5. 9. one way that Jones ends out similar to Napoleon is that they both end up ... which
  6. 11. the other man who tried to seize Russia after Lenin
  7. 12. Orwell believed in
  8. 13. a theory of class struggle
  9. 14. one of Old Major's most used words in order to represent unity
  10. 15. since there are talking animals in the book Animal Farm it is obvious that the book is a ...
  11. 16. Mr. Jones spent most of his post-expulsion time at the tap room in the Red Lion at _____
  12. 17. the real last name of the author of Animal Farm
  13. 18. Snowball created these to occur on the Sunday recreation day
  14. 19. Michaels who ruled before the Russian Revolution
  15. 22. an economic system where the basic idea is that everybody does jobs in which they excel, the state controls wealth, and everybody get everything they need
  16. 24. the colour of the flag
  17. 26. the flag was to demonstrate the future ______ of the Animals
  18. 28. where Orwell was born
  19. 29. which species of animal is used when the pigs wanted to change the maxims in order to get this new one started