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Animal Farm

  1. 2. The animals are amazed and terrified when they saw the pigs and dogs walking on their ____ ____.
  2. 4. The animals agree to preserve the farmhouse as a ______.
  3. 10. When Boxer is being taken away to what the animals thought as the hospital, they saw that the side of the van read, "Horse ___________ and Glue Boiler".
  4. 11. Who suspects that the pigs are violated the Seven Commandments?
  5. 12. The work rations get readjusted, now animals get no ____ if they do not work on Sunday afternoons.
  6. 15. All of the animals are injured during the Battle of Windmill, except ________.
  7. 17. The human solicitor Napoleon hires to assist in getting items the farm cannot produce on their own is Mr _______.
  8. 20. The animals who are unable read or memorize the seven _____________ are told to memorize "Four legs good, two legs bad."
  9. 23. Who has the personal motto of, "I will work harder!"?
  10. 24. How many dogs chased Snowball off Animal Farm?
  11. 25. Napoleon urinates on Snowball's plans to make a ________.
  12. 27. Out of all the animals, who does not recognize any change under the new leadership?
  13. 29. The animals watch as Mr __________ and Napoleon toast each other,
  14. 30. The animals hold a flag raising ceremony every ______.
  15. 31. The Animal Farm flag is _____ with a white hoof and horn on it.
  1. 1. Whose idea was it for the animals for start a rebellion?
  2. 3. Animal Farm by George Orwell is a _____.
  3. 5. How many times did the animals sing "Beasts of England" after they chased Mr. Jones and his men off the farm?
  4. 6. of England / What song does Old Major teach the animals that expresses the ideal animal community?
  5. 7. The animals discover that the ____ have been taking all the milk and apples for themselves.
  6. 8. One morning, the pigs look bleary-eyed and sick because the night before they drank _______.
  7. 9. How many times does the windmill fall down?
  8. 10. Moses, the raven, tells the other animals that when they die they will do to __________ ________
  9. 11. October 12th is the anniversary of the Battle of the _______.
  10. 12. It is announced that Snowball sold himself to Mr. _________ farm, Pinchfield.
  11. 13. the government declared Animal Farm a ________ in April.
  12. 14. Nine ____ die after attempting to rebel against Napoleon.
  13. 16. The animals are easily _________ by Squealer.
  14. 18. As the animals look at the card-players, they can no longer tell apart the pigs from the ______.
  15. 19. The new windmill the animals make is not for generating electricity, but for milling ____.
  16. 21. Who wrote the song that replaced "Beasts of England"?
  17. 22. Napoleon and ________ are the two most clever pigs.
  18. 26. After finding out the windmill has been knocked down, Napoleon gives a speech in which he says," Long ____ the windmill!"
  19. 28. What do the animals call each other?