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  1. 2. pig that lives in the woods
  2. 4. I am small and very fast, and my big ears can hear you a long way away.
  3. 7. I liva in Asia. I am very dangerous, eat meat and I am brown and orange
  4. 8. I have a very long neck
  5. 11. A small whale
  6. 13. I'm a very hungry animal, pink with a curly tail
  7. 15. Stubborn little horse
  8. 16. Has black and white stripes
  9. 18. I can fly and speak, and come in brilliant colours
  10. 19. I am very small, live everywhere and eat cheese
  11. 21. This bird has the most beautiful tail
  1. 1. I have a long tail, and I like climbing trees
  2. 3. I am often green, jump a lot and live in water
  3. 5. A big brown animal, who loves honey and sleeps all winter
  4. 6. King of the jungle
  5. 9. I have very big ears, live in Africa and can make a trumpet noise with my trunk
  6. 10. I live in the sea, am very dangerous, and have lots and lots of teeth!
  7. 11. Man's best friend
  8. 12. Australian jumper
  9. 14. Animal that gives milk
  10. 17. The animals bred for wool
  11. 18. I live in Asia, I can climb trees, I eat bamboo and I am black and whiter
  12. 20. I have a fantastic bushy red tail