1. 4. a large animal with four legs that people ride or use to pull heavy things.
  2. 6. a large fish with very sharp teeth.
  3. 9. a small animal with fur and long ears that lives in a hole in the ground.
  4. 10. a slow animal with a thick, hard shell.
  5. 13. an insect with large, coloured wings.
  6. 15. an intelligent sea animal that breathes air and looks like a large fish.
  7. 16. a large, black and white animal that lives in forests in China.
  8. 17. to African large animal with a very long neck and long , thin legs.
  1. 1. an animal that lives only in water.
  2. 2. animal big female farm keeps the milk or meat.
  3. 3. a big reptile that lives in lakes and rivers, with a long mouth and sharp teeth.
  4. 5. long, thin creature with no legs that slides along the ground.
  5. 6. an animal with smooth fur that eats fish and lives near the sea.
  6. 7. a type of large, flesh-eating animal of the cat family, the male of which has a long, coarse mane.
  7. 8. a small, green animal with long back legs for jumping, that lives in or near water.
  8. 11. a small, four-legged, fur-covered animal often kept as a pet.
  9. 12. a very large, grey animal with big ears and a very long nose.
  10. 13. an Animal That Has wings and feathers and is Usually reliable to fly.
  11. 14. a hairy animal with a long tail that lives in hot countries and climbs trees.
  12. 15. an animals with fur , four legs , and a tail , kept as a pet Often.