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  1. 2. they hibernate and eat salmon
  2. 3. has humps
  3. 7. long, squirmy pets that kind of look like weasels
  4. 9. they stink when they fart; also black and white
  5. 10. friendly sea mammals that scare off sharks
  6. 12. some people mix them up with a gerbil
  7. 15. they can sting you if you step on them
  8. 20. caws a lot and is a black bird
  9. 21. the fastest land mammal of earth
  10. 22. have black stripes and is orange
  11. 23. native the Australia; they pack quite a punch
  12. 27. live in Canada and have antlers
  1. 1. lives mostly in Asia; is black and white and cute; also a bear
  2. 4. the national bird of America
  3. 5. one of the most famous ones is called Harambe (r.i.p)
  4. 6. they have 8 legs and can shoot out ink
  5. 7. they live in the water and travel in schools
  6. 8. they eat nuts and are very fast
  7. 9. they slither and don't have legs
  8. 11. a black and white bird that doesn't fly
  9. 13. can get mixed up with a Crocodile
  10. 14. has horns and mostly lives in Africa
  11. 16. has a very colorful beak and is a bird
  12. 17. can jump high; most people color it green and it lives in rainforests
  13. 18. they have a lot of teeth and they live in the ocean; very scary
  14. 19. a female is called a doe
  15. 20. some of them are called cougars
  16. 24. they live by lakes and they honk very loudly
  17. 25. kind of looks like an ostrich but is from Australia
  18. 26. most are house pets; it's ancestor is the wolf