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  1. 3. A reptile with sharp teeth, may be poisonous, has scales instead of fur
  2. 6. A large animal which people can ride on
  3. 7. Black and white birds that live in the South Pole
  4. 9. A small animal that likes to hop and eat carrots
  5. 12. Is small and spiky
  6. 16. A horse that has black and white stripes
  7. 17. Large animal, has a long trunk, grey in colour
  8. 18. Lives in the desert and has humps on it’s back
  9. 22. Green reptiles with scales and sharp teeth,
  10. 24. A big animal which has a pocket to carry it’s baby and likes to jump
  11. 26. Bear A big white bear who lives in the North Pole
  12. 27. A small sea animal that carries it’s home around in a shell
  1. 1. A large, strong animal with a mane around it’s head
  2. 2. A very large fish with very sharp teeth, known to be a threat to humans
  3. 3. Has lots of wool around it to keep it warm
  4. 4. A black and white bear that loves to eat bamboos, native animal of China
  5. 5. A small furry animal who likes nuts
  6. 8. A small animal, usually kept as a pet and likes fish
  7. 10. A very large fish that lives in the ocean and sprays water
  8. 11. A small animal that likes cheese and squeaks
  9. 13. /A large animal with a horn on it’s nose
  10. 14. Small animals usually found in a farm and lays eggs
  11. 15. A large, strong, orange animal with black stripes
  12. 19. An animal that swings on trees and likes to eat bananas
  13. 20. A large animal with yellow and brown spots with a very long neck
  14. 21. A very large and strong bird with a hooked beak
  15. 23. A very colourful bird that can talk
  16. 25. An animal usually kept as a pet and likes bones