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  1. 1. live in the countryside is white with black spots
  2. 3. Flying mammal
  3. 4. has fur around the neck, is the king of the jungle
  4. 8. has two clamps, orange is red
  5. 11. bear live in very cold areas such as the poles, it's all white
  6. 12. gray, large, with two horns on face
  7. 14. Man's best friend
  8. 18. eats nuts and find the trees of the forest
  9. 19. come in many sizes, have some hair and create their own fabric
  10. 21. is black and white and eats Nambu
  11. 22. her soft hair used to make wool clothing
  12. 24. is very strong, has two horns, is brown
  13. 26. going by sea, also doing this at the zoo and marine shows are light gray / blue
  14. 27. is yellow with brown nchas sea, has a very long neck
  15. 29. It is white with black stripes or black with white stripes!
  16. 30. find it through the jungles, can be poisonous, crawl
  1. 1. Likes to chase mice
  2. 2. howls at night
  3. 5. has eight legs
  4. 6. used in horse racing, has a hair suabe and runs much
  5. 7. this hooked on rocks, lives in water, breaks a limb sise is played alone.
  6. 9. flies, sings, has a peak and there are many types
  7. 10. high lot has a sack which carry their young
  8. 13. small, gray, with a long, pink tail.
  9. 15. is orange to black stripes, is very fast
  10. 16. Has a trunk
  11. 17. earth, creeps, is very slow
  12. 18. dangerous, lives in the oceans, has very large teeth.
  13. 20. have a peak, it's a bird has two legs, it is both terrestrial and aquatic
  14. 23. is pink, her tail is curly, loves to ensicuarse
  15. 25. hang from trees with all their limbs.
  16. 28. soft, very fast, domestic