ANS Biology 1120

  1. 3. neurotransmitter - abbreviation NE
  2. 4. the name of the nerve route that pass through the sympathetic chain ganglia without synapsing
  3. 6. pertaining to the lungs
  4. 10. swellings of a nerve fibre that innervate several smooth muscle fibres
  5. 12. occurring automatically or without conscious thought
  6. 14. another name of the sympathetic chain of ganglia, located along each side of the vertebral column
  7. 17. the tenth cranial nerve that carries 90% of all parasympathetic preganglionic fibres
  8. 19. rest and digest system
  9. 20. another name for the parasympathetic system since in arises in the brain and sacral regions of the spinal cord
  10. 21. name of a receptor that brings to mind smoking cigarettes - named for a plant
  11. 22. glands and organs
  1. 1. another name for the sympathetic system since it arises from specific parts of the CNS.
  2. 2. effects that oppose each other
  3. 5. flight or fight system
  4. 7. the adrenal ____ is essentially a sympathetic ganglion
  5. 8. when a unified effect is achieved
  6. 9. technique to try and control variables associated with changes due to the ANS
  7. 11. second neuron of the autonomic pathway whose axon extends to the target cell
  8. 13. pertaining to the heart
  9. 15. first neuron of the autonomic pathway and has soma in the brainstem or spinal cord
  10. 16. name of a receptor derived from a mushroom
  11. 18. pertaining to the esophagus