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  1. 3. She's from Boston and makes quilts
  2. 4. One of 3 Gluten Free people in the office
  3. 6. Who is Jesse Chezenko's work bestie?
  4. 8. Who is an expert in collecting travel points?
  5. 10. Team who was lethal in the foosball tournament but ultimately lost in the final
  6. 14. Who in the office is a feeder? (a person who loves feeding other people)
  7. 16. Suhail's favourite music artist.
  8. 17. What beverage can Deb not live without?
  9. 19. Rajeeb's favourite food EVER!!
  10. 21. She’s gone sugar free for more than a year (super impressive!!)
  11. 24. What vegetable did Jesse M grow in his garden that Sophie named Gilbert and then ate?
  12. 29. Jacob's nickname (2 words)
  13. 31. Que’s first name
  14. 33. Jerrod's work bestie forever
  15. 34. Who has a daughter also named Sophie
  16. 35. Blakes crossword word claim to fame
  17. 37. Last name of the person who most recently had a baby boy
  18. 38. Who wears a really bright toque in the office?
  19. 39. What does AJ stand for (two words)
  20. 41. Type of music Eoin enjoys
  21. 43. What sport does Rita play?
  22. 45. He agreed to be part of the AI boy band (We are still looking for members so please join! All interested parties please see David)
  23. 46. Eric's work BFF (maybe)
  24. 49. What sport does Sheena love playing?
  25. 50. Where does Sundoro get his fried chicken
  26. 51. What island is Brian Gouge from?
  27. 53. Darshana’s frenemy in the office
  28. 54. What show do the Quiltys love watching? (2 words)
  29. 55. Last name of the person who has a speedy son who takes after his father
  30. 58. The nickname of Australia's most recent Bachelor (2 words)
  31. 60. Who watched a billion horror movies during Halloween?
  32. 61. Who in the office is passionate about reality tv as much as Sophie is?
  33. 63. He’s a twin also!
  1. 1. Randy's current catchphrase
  2. 2. Who eats the fanciest breakfast and lunches at work? Think homemade ramen
  3. 5. Her son loves taking peanut M&Ms from the candy machine at the front desk
  4. 7. She has the most siblings of anyone in this office (that I know of)
  5. 9. What other language does Alan speak?
  6. 11. What sport does Chris Marin enjoy playing?
  7. 12. Who is the fastest runner in the Vancouver office?
  8. 13. Who left AI to move to San Francisco
  9. 15. Last name of the person whose son currently works in Australia
  10. 18. A country that Rafael used to live in
  11. 19. Which holiday is Raman obsessed with
  12. 20. Last name of the person whose first born will be deemed Banjo
  13. 22. What dangerous piece of furniture does Tom own? (It has killed before) (2 words)
  14. 23. he's a part of Linkoland at the Canadian office
  15. 25. She is the fashionist of the office as she likes to buy her clothes from Europe
  16. 26. How many books does Vickitt usually read at once
  17. 27. You can find one in Denver, Vancouver, Hobart and Dunkirk, MD
  18. 28. What awesome costume did Simon wear this Halloween? (2 words)
  19. 30. Who is the most excited about chips day?
  20. 32. city Gol once studied in
  21. 36. She vacations in Hawaii and Greece
  22. 40. What does Bruce collect each morning from the security desk downstairs?
  23. 42. Scott Lazzara's nickname (2 words)
  24. 44. He’s a twin!
  25. 47. He’s a doctor
  26. 48. He loved AI so much he came back to work for us again this year
  27. 52. Last name of Culture Committee member not based in the Vancouver office
  28. 56. James Reyes signature greeting (2 words)
  29. 57. Last name of the person of frequents the server room most often.
  30. 59. The type of dancing class Aimee attends
  31. 60. Melissa’s coffee drink of choice
  32. 62. She likes to go dragon boating