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Arlets Crossword

  1. 4. medical term used to describe a patient who does not follow the medical advice he or she receives
  2. 8. process of recording information in the medical record
  3. 11. patient information is arranged within the chart of medical record according to who supplied the data
  4. 13. brief and to the point
  5. 15. includes a record of the patient's past medical history
  6. 19. requires that all original documents be maintained in the patient's medical record
  7. 20. specific information required of a population
  1. 1. data comes from the physician
  2. 2. transforming spoken notes into accurate written form
  3. 3. when you use precise descriptions
  4. 5. the diagnosis or impression of a patient's problem
  5. 6. when all entries in patient records are dated to show the order in which they are made
  6. 7. subjective, or internal, conditions felt by the patient
  7. 9. altering something to meet individual specifications
  8. 10. treatment cannot be discussed with parents without permission
  9. 12. includes treatment option
  10. 14. data comes from the patient
  11. 16. examine and review a group of patient records for completeness and accuracy
  12. 17. objective, or external factors like blood pressure and rashes
  13. 18. contain important information about a patient's medical history and present condition