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  1. 2. Visual art created using pencils, pens or chalk
  2. 4. A modern style of music noted for its use of improvisation
  3. 7. written art intended to be read, such as novels
  4. 8. A style of music often linked to orchestras and symphonies
  5. 9. The design of buildings and structures
  6. 11. Written art intended to be spoken aloud
  7. 13. Visual art created using oils, acrylics or water colours
  8. 14. A style of modern music using electric guitars and drums
  1. 1. An older type of dance still popular today
  2. 3. Visual art painted on the walls of public spaces
  3. 5. Three-dimensional art often created using stone or metal
  4. 6. A style of dance less strict than ballet
  5. 7. Visual art created using still cameras
  6. 10. Making pots, vases, plates and cups
  7. 12. Movies and film-making