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  1. 2. Type of sculpture, commonly but not always a portrait, that includes the chest or part of the chest, as well as the head.
  2. 4. the front or face of a building, generally an area of the exterior that contains an entrance.
  3. 6. Shallow pier or rectangular column projecting from a wall. They are distinct from engaged columns: they are not structural—at best they are quasi-structural—and are used either as decoration, sometimes with a carved face, or to make manifest an underlying architectonic order.
  4. 8. The ... capital is more ornate than the Ionic. It is decorated with 3 superimposed rows of carved foliage (acanthus leaves) around the capital.
  5. 10. a triangular space above a window or entrance. Originally the triangular space was formed by the end of a gable roof and later was used decoratively
  6. 11. Decorative element that divides a column from the masonry which it supports.
  7. 12. A cylindrical support, usually structural but often decorative.
  8. 15. Term used in Western architecture for a covered area before the entrance to a building, of grander proportions than a simple porch and usually forming the central element in the façade.
  9. 16. A curved structural member spanning an opening or recess.
  10. 17. Flat horizontal beam which spans the space between two supports.
  1. 1. Decorative architectural motif in the form of a coiled scroll, used especially on Classical capitals
  2. 3. Term used to describe one of the first genuinely global styles of art and architecture in the Western canon from 16th century.
  3. 5. Uppermost element of a capital on a column or pilaster
  4. 7. Ornamental motif based on the leaves of an evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean area
  5. 9. The basically semicircular area enclosed by the arch above the lintel of an arched entranceway. This area is often decorated with sculpture in the Romanesque and Gothic periods.
  6. 11. Liturgical implement in which the eucharistic wine is offered
  7. 13. a recess in the thickness of a wall.
  8. 14. An ... capital has a volute, or a spiral scroll-like carving, on each side as its major decoration.