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  1. 2. A type of soft white rock used for writing or drawing
  2. 5. The type of book or story that is written about imaginary characters and events and not based on real people and facts
  3. 8. A musical play in which most of the words are sung, or plays and music of this type
  4. 9. The art and practice of designing and making buildings
  5. 11. A paint that is mixed with water to create pictures
  6. 13. An event at which objects such as paintings are shown to the public
  7. 15. A painting, photograph, drawing, etc. of a person
  8. 17. A view or picture of the countryside
  9. 18. A shape or pattern cut into wood or stone or the skill of doing this
  10. 20. The life story of a person written by someone else
  11. 22. A type of dancing in which controlled movements of the body are designed to express the beauty of physical motion, often while telling a story
  1. 1. Colored liquid used for writing, printing, and drawing
  2. 3. Someone who creates things with great skill and imagination
  3. 4. An object with short pieces of stiff hair attached to a base or handle, used for painting
  4. 6. A long printed story about imaginary characters and events
  5. 7. A border that surrounds and supports a picture
  6. 10. Beautiful writing, often created with a special pen or brush
  7. 12. A pattern or picture made using many small pieces of colored stone or glass
  8. 14. A small stick of colored wax used for drawing or writing
  9. 16. life A type of painting or drawing of an arrangement of objects that do not move, such as flowers, fruit, bowls, etc.
  10. 19. A room or building that is used for showing works of art, sometimes so that they can be sold
  11. 21. A piece of this cloth used by artists for painting on, usually with oil paints, or the painting itself