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  1. 6. Also a type of art put on a screen that is made into a video
  2. 7. The things you use to create art
  3. 8. simple thing that you should have learned in kindergarten
  4. 9. simple fun things that you can do in your spare time
  5. 10. The art style that is very life like
  6. 12. You use clay (or other things) to make a.....
  7. 13. simple drawings for fun
  8. 15. The person who created this (full name)
  9. 17. A drawing wich should take up to 10sec.-5min. to finish
  10. 19. Bob Ross made tutorials for this art style
  1. 1. This is a simple quick figure of what you are drawing
  2. 2. aesthetic or appealing to the eye (this one might be hard so the answer is artistic design)
  3. 3. Art made on an electronic
  4. 4. simple fun thing to do that should take no time
  5. 5. The drawing of a human body
  6. 11. Your way of drawing
  7. 14. outlining
  8. 16. Art that is mostly found on the side of buildings
  9. 18. The shadow of the drawing