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Art Exam

  1. 2. colors that give a feeling of calm or peace
  2. 4. planned or random repetitions that increase visual interest in the artwork
  3. 6. differences in two elements of art in a work
  4. 12. three basic colors that all other colors are made from
  5. 14. how something feels or how it looks like it should feel
  6. 15. 2-dimensional (length and width)
  7. 18. when making a value scale and use lines that go in all directions
  8. 19. distribution of visual weight in a work of art
  9. 21. a system used to place your focal point in the correct position
  10. 22. using overlapping objects of different sizes to create depth in drawing
  11. 23. Pure, true, bright, in your face color
  12. 24. three colors made by mixing equal parts of 2 primary colors together
  13. 27. line that shows outside edge of a shape
  14. 28. mark made by a pointed tool
  15. 29. used by artists to direct the viewer through the artwork
  16. 30. type of perspective using color or value to show depth
  17. 33. occurs when all the art elements have been organized pleasingly
  18. 34. made by mixing 1 primary and 1 secondary color
  19. 36. the space around an object (background)
  20. 37. 3-dimensional (height, width, length) and can be viewed from all sides
  21. 38. colors that are side by side on the color wheel and share a color
  22. 40. makes an artwork feel complete and finished
  1. 1. repetition of movement using color, shape or lines
  2. 2. line that shows outside edge of a shape plus any inside detail lines
  3. 3. balance using a design in a circular shape that radiates from central point
  4. 5. the visual relation of one part of a work to another
  5. 7. creates a focal point and makes it the center of interest
  6. 8. add black to a color to make it darker when painting
  7. 9. when making a value scale and use lines going in the same direction
  8. 10. balance where both side of the image are just alike
  9. 11. lightest areas of your drawing or painting and shows reflected light
  10. 13. how dark or light something is
  11. 16. the space an object itself fills
  12. 17. colors directly across from each other on the color wheel
  13. 20. balance that is usually equal without being identical on both sides
  14. 25. another name for this is Hue
  15. 26. how elements are arranged in an artwork
  16. 31. colors that give a feeling of warmth or heat
  17. 32. type of perspective using a vanishing point system
  18. 35. to conceive and plan out a project in your mind
  19. 39. al illusion that creates a feeling of depth
  20. 41. add white to a color to make it lighter