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Art Review

  1. 1. 2 dimensional space has only height and width - overlapping (foreground, background), position
  2. 5. Colors Red, Blue, Yellow - mix all 3 and get white light
  3. 6. Dots of pure color that tend to mix in our eyes to produce the illusion of color mixtures.
  4. 8. closely spaced parallel lines repeated with an art tool producing clustered lines that create values.
  5. 9. 3 equally distant colors on the color wheel
  6. 12. way of organizing parts of a design involving a balance of unlike objects. Also called asymmetry.
  7. 14. Name of the color
  8. 16. special expression of ideas, feelings, and values in perceptible form
  9. 17. art twentieth-century art containing shapes that simplify shapes of real objects to emphasize form instead of subject matter
  10. 19. when something effectively conveys or communicates feelings in visual form
  11. 21. Wheel Made up of the colors refracted by Sir Isaac Newton's prism
  12. 23. sculpture in which areas project far out from a flat surface
  13. 24. moving sculpture
  1. 1. Dots spaced close or far apart to suggest darker or lighter areas
  2. 2. Colors Green, Orange, Purple
  3. 3. Variations of the same hue. One color painting or glaze.
  4. 4. Separates white light into spectral colors (rainbow)
  5. 7. lines recede to a vanishing point
  6. 10. the way the principles of art are used to organize the elements of art
  7. 11. How something feels or looks like it might feel
  8. 13. to be aware of things through our senses
  9. 15. Regular repetition
  10. 16. sculpting technique in which the artist gathers and joins together a variety of different materials to make a sculpture.
  11. 18. something that stands for or represents another thing
  12. 20. Relative purity of a color
  13. 22. form shapes irregular and uneven shapes