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Art Terminology

  1. 3. Not letting light through; the opposite of transparent
  2. 5. what makes a work of art beautiful or satisfying
  3. 6. The lightness or darkness of colors
  4. 8. organic colours of the earth
  5. 9. The way a surface looks and feels, such as smooth, rough, or bump
  6. 10. Describes dull colour
  7. 13. source what illuminates the subject
  8. 15. A type of balance in which the two sides of an artwork are not exactly alike, but are still visually balanced
  9. 16. Describes intense colour
  10. 19. The relation of one thing to another with respect to size and placement.
  11. 21. A color scheme using only tints and shades of a single color.
  12. 23. A principle of art that combines elements of art in a composition to stress similarities of separate but related parts
  13. 24. of interest
  14. 26. he arrangement of the elements, in a work of art, to create a sense of equilibrium
  15. 27. Balance created by making both sides of an artwork the same, equal or almost the same.
  16. 30. light coming from behind the subject
  17. 31. The part of an artwork that seems the closest to you
  1. 1. To partly or completely cover one shape or form with another. Maybe opaque or transparent.
  2. 2. of thirds
  3. 4. light
  4. 7. of composition The basic parts of an artwork. Line, color, Tonal value, shape, point of interest, texture, and space
  5. 11. see through
  6. 12. Another word for colour
  7. 14. The part of an artwork that seems the farthest away and sets the scene
  8. 17. the angle, direction or stance from which you choose to shoot each image
  9. 18. An arrangement of the elements of art using the principles of art to express the artist’s idea
  10. 20. The family of colors that includes greens, blues, and violets.
  11. 21. The sense of motion created in an artwork often using line
  12. 22. he effect of showing the difference between two unlike things, such as a dark color and a light color
  13. 25. The family of colors that includes reds, yellows, and oranges
  14. 28. to remove extra parts of an image and place focus on the part left.
  15. 29. Materials used to create an artwork, such paint, photograph