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Art Vocabulary

  1. 1. An outline drawing with no shading
  2. 2. Colors that cannot be created by mixing any other colors (red, blue, yellow)
  3. 3. When one area or thing stands out the most
  4. 5. A process where multiple prints of the same image are produced by pressing paper against an inked surface
  5. 7. The lightness and darkness of a color
  6. 9. A sculpture in which areas are raised and lowered from a flat surface
  7. 11. Shows the difference in the elements of art
  8. 12. Something that has or appears to have 3-dimensions
  9. 14. Colors created by mixing one primary color and the secondary next to it on the color wheel
  10. 16. Colors created by mixing two primary colors (orange, green, purple)
  11. 20. Printing from a raised and lowered surface
  12. 21. red, yellow, orange
  13. 22. Method of using pattern drawing to focus the mind
  14. 24. blue, green, purple
  15. 26. Repeated use of the same elements to create an overall design
  16. 27. Another word for pattern
  1. 1. Two colors directly opposite on the color wheel (blue/orange, red/green, purple/yellow)
  2. 4. A rolled piece of clay that forms a snake like shape
  3. 6. Using similar elements multiple times in an artwork
  4. 8. A rubber roller used for applying ink
  5. 10. A flattened piece of clay
  6. 13. A sketch method used to enlarge an image
  7. 15. A flat material in which the design to be printed is created on the surface
  8. 17. The path of a moving point
  9. 18. A technique used to hold two pieces of clay together, scratch and glue
  10. 19. An area enclosed by an outline, 2-dimensional
  11. 23. Shows motion and directs the viewers attention
  12. 25. The surface quality or feel of an object