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  1. 2. The regular repetition of lines, color,, shapes or patterns
  2. 3. The lightness of darkness of tones or colors
  3. 6. The repeated use of an element such as color, shape or line within an artwork.
  4. 7. All elements of a picture relate to each other or look like they are part of one work of art.
  5. 9. The most important area of an artwork. Also called Center of Interest
  6. 12. The extreme difference in lines, colors, shapes, values or textures
  7. 15. A balance composed in a circle
  8. 16. A 2-dimensional or flat area defined by an outline, tone, or color
  9. 17. A 3-dimensional object that is long, wide and deep
  1. 1. A balance where objects and shapes are the same on either side of a central line
  2. 4. The path of a moving point
  3. 5. The use of lines, shapes or colors to lead the viewer from one part of the picture to another.
  4. 8. An assortment of lines,shapes, colors, textures, and forms to create interest
  5. 10. The area within,around,between,above,or below,objects and shapes
  6. 11. The arrangement of objects to create a feeling of equal weight.
  7. 13. The surface or feel of an object, rough, scratchy
  8. 14. Produced by light reflecting to our eyes