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  1. 5. This is a small object, often a statue, which has been cut out of stone or wood.
  2. 9. They are drawings or writing that are painted on walls in public places, often without their owners’ agreement. There is controversy whether it is art or vandalism.
  3. 10. These are decorative pieces of art that people wear on their necks (chains) or fingers (rings).
  4. 14. This is a picture where the artist has painted his or her own face or figure.
  5. 17. This is a picture that presents a person.
  6. 18. The pictures that are ..... scenes show people fighting.
  1. 1. This is the type of a painting where objects and not people or animals are presented. We call it ..... nature.
  2. 2. This is a picture made with a pencil or crayon.
  3. 3. This is the art of paper folding in order to create shapes. It is associated with Japanese culture.
  4. 4. This is the craft of making dishes, often pots from clay that are later baked in an oven.
  5. 6. This is a statue that presents one or more people or animals.
  6. 7. This is a big picture painted on a wall of a building popular in some regions like South America.
  7. 8. They are things like spoons, knives or dishes for the table that are made of silver.
  8. 11. This is the art that is connected with sewing designs on materials, often tablecloths.
  9. 12. If art is ..... it doesn’t show things as they actually look but uses shapes and patterns to represent ideas, people or things.
  10. 13. This is a picture that presents some scenery.
  11. 15. This is the craft of taking high quality photographs.
  12. 16. This is a large piece of heavy cloth which has a picture sewn on it using coloured threads.