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  1. 4. Creates a focal point that is the center of interest in an artwork
  2. 5. 2-dimensional (length and width)
  3. 8. visual relation of one part of a work to another
  4. 11. distribution of visual weight in an artwork
  5. 13. Great differences in two elements of art in a work
  6. 14. how something feels
  7. 16. 3-dimensional (height, width, length) and viewed from all side like a sculpture
  8. 17. to conceive and plan out a project in your mind
  9. 18. repetition of movement using color, shape or lines
  1. 1. how dark or light something is
  2. 2. how elements are arranged in an artwork
  3. 3. mark made by a pointed tool
  4. 6. used to direct viewers through an artwork
  5. 7. an illusion that creates the feeling of depth
  6. 9. makes an artwork feel complete and finished
  7. 10. planned or random repetitions in an artwork
  8. 12. its when all elements have been arranged into a visually pleasing work
  9. 15. another name for color