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  1. 2. a shiny finish or coating that is put on pottery to make it waterproof
  2. 5. a very large painting on walls
  3. 6. natural or artificial materials that give paint or ink its color
  4. 10. arts Useful arts intended for use in the home
  5. 14. the art and science of making buildings
  6. 16. a person who poses for an artist
  7. 17. painting using pigments mixed with oil
  8. 18. art made by using a brush or some other tool to put paint onto flat surfaces
  9. 21. european artistic style from the 1600s that was very ornate or highly decorated
  10. 23. another general term for pottery
  11. 24. artistic objects made by shaping moist clay
  12. 25. making sculpture by cutting away the unwanted parts
  1. 1. a picture drawn with pen, pencil or crayon
  2. 3. a picture of a person
  3. 4. like carving, but done with a tool called a chisel
  4. 7. a picture made from thousands of tiny pieces of glass or tile
  5. 8. an oven in which pottery is baked at high temperatures
  6. 9. art made by pressing and inked raised surface on paper
  7. 11. a twentieth century art style which focused on feelings to the extent that images were often distorted
  8. 12. art done with a camera
  9. 13. a painting or drawing of beautiful scenery in the countryside
  10. 15. handwriting letters in an artistic way
  11. 19. a place where an artist shows his/her work
  12. 20. making sculpture by using a mold
  13. 22. a painting done with watercolors on walls