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  1. 1. The main insrument of painter
  2. 2. This instrument is needed for painter when he uses paints
  3. 7. A color of linen
  4. 9. The picture of Leonardo da Vinci,which is in the Louvre
  5. 11. The most significant part of videogames
  6. 12. It is a program,which helps you create,edit pictures
  7. 14. This is a skill,which helps many people to create a picture
  8. 15. It is a direction in art,which requires only black colors
  1. 1. With the help of it,you can make your pictures more beautiful
  2. 3. It is a direction in art,where the painter draw only real events or things
  3. 4. This material we use when we draw something
  4. 5. It is a type of art,in which everithing is made from stone or marble
  5. 6. The period of revival
  6. 8. It is a direction,in which picture is shown misteriousy
  7. 10. The painter of our class(classmate)
  8. 13. A spanish painter,who is the founder of cubism